How to help Vice President Leni Robredo

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Vice President Leni Robredo just resigned from her post as Housing Secretary of the Duterte administration. Here are some ways to help Vice President Robredo:

1.) Publicly support her on social media (Facebook and Twitter) and defend her from people and trolls who are spreading lies about her.

2.) Support her advocacies by also campaigning against the Death Penalty and the lowering of the age of criminal liability to 9 years old. If you can, talk to your Congressman about it and tell him or her your stand on these issues. If you belong to an organization, ask them to stand with her and publicly make a stand on these issues.

3.) Support her anti-poverty programs that aim to provide jobs, quality education and healthcare to every Filipino. She may no longer be the HUDCC Chairman but as our duly elected Vice President, she will continue to fulfill her campaign promise to help uplift the lives of the poor and powerless in our society. You can contact us at Kaya Natin! Movement for Good Governance and Ethical Leadership (email: if you want to help in her advocacies.

Most importantly, always pray for her and her family. Samahan natin sila sa laban para sa tapat at mabuting pamamahala. Walang iwanan hanggang sa dulo ng laban. #LabanLeni

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Kaya Natin! Statement of Support for Rep. Kaka Bag-ao

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Official Kaya Natin! Movement for Good Governance and Ethical Leadership Statement of support to Rep. Kaka J. Bag-ao

The Kaya Natin! Movement for Good Governance and Ethical Leadership strongly supports our Kaya Natin! Champion, Rep. Kaka Bag-ao’s appointment as the official caretaker of Lone District of Dinagat Islands.

We believe that Speaker Feliciano Belmonte, Jr. made the right decision in appointing her as the caretaker of the said district given that she grew up in this district and would therefore be in the right position to understand the real needs of her constituency.

Moreover, Rep. Bag-ao has always been known to be an advocate of the rights of the marginalized as evidenced by her active involvement as one of the lead lawyers for the Sumilao farmers fight for their land. Aside from this, Rep. Bag-ao has also proven to be a Champion of Transparency and Public Accountability as evidenced by her continued strong support for the immediate passage of the Freedom of Information (FOI) Bill that is currently being debated upon in our Congress.

Instead of criticizing her being appointed as caretaker, we should be thankful that apart from her duties as AKBAYAN’s duly elected representative, she has also accepted the challenge of ensuring that basic services are delivered efficiently and effectively without any tinge of graft and corruption to the people of Dinagat Islands.

As one of the poorest provinces in our country and having been neglected by its former Representative, the Dinagat Islands actually deserve more support than the more than P 100 Million that has already been channeled through the initiative of Rep. Bag-ao.

We believe that instead of tainting this issue with politics, we should instead appreciate the fact that because of Rep. Bag-ao’s assignment as caretaker of the district, more Filipino children will now be able to study, access to potable drinking water will now be provided to more barangays, the development of farm to market roads will provide our farmers with higher income and more indigent patients will now be able to access quality healthcare. 

Again, we strongly vouch for the credibility and integrity of our Kaya Natin! Champion, Rep. Kaka Bag-ao. We believe that the people of the Dinagat Islands will be well served with her as their caretaker.

For more information about Kaya Natin, visit or call (02) 433-1440

How to make your 2013 more meaningful

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How to make your 2013 more meaningful

By: Harvey S. Keh

Published at The Manila Bulletin on January 6, 2013 (Sunday)


The new year always brings about new resolutions, opportunities and challenges to all of us. A recent survey done by the Social Weather Stations (SWS) shows that  almost 90% of Filipinos are entering this new year with renewed hope and excitement. Yet despite this, there still much work to be done to help our country continue to move forward towards lasting progress and development. This will only happen if each of us will take the time to do our own small share towards making a difference in our society.


Here are some concrete initiatives that we can do to help make our 2013 more meaningful not only for ourselves but also for our country:


1.) Share your old but usable books to our public schools


While we have many books that just gather dust in our book shelves or cabinets, less than 20% of our public elementary schools do not have functional libraries due to lack of resources. This is equivalent to more than 10 Million young Filipino students who are not able to learn how to read properly because they do not have books to read in the first place. The Acts of Hope for the Nation (AHON) Foundation accepts storybooks, up to date encyclopedias, dictionaries, reference books and other learning materials that can still be placed in our public elementary school libraries. If you would like to donate, you can call (02) 433-1440 or (02) 990-3282, you can also bring your donations to 56-D Esteban Abada St., Loyola Heights, Quezon City.


2.) Volunteer for the coming 2013 National and Local Elections


We always love to complain about how corrupt our government officials are and this is a fact in our country where we lose billions of pesos due to graft and corruption. These billions of pesos can easily provide scholarships to poor but deserving students, adequate housing to poor families and health insurance for every Filipino. More often than not, the reason why we have corrupt political leaders is because many of us choose to just stay away from getting involved and ensuring that these people never get elected into public office again.


If you believe that our country deserves clean, honest and truthful elections then you may want to share your time and talent to volunteer for election watchdogs such as the National Movement for Free Elections (NAMFREL) or the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV). You can contact NAMFREL by calling their office at (02) 470-4151 while you can just visit your nearest parish church to volunteer for PPCRV.


Let us remember that we do not have a right to complain if we don’t do our part as citizens of this country to ensure that we elect the right leaders.


3.) Blog and write about inspiring stories in your community


When one looks at the front page of our newspapers, majority of the news are usually bad news. Are we as a nation really that bad? I don’t think so. There are so many inspiring stories in our communities but sadly, not many people know about these stories until media decides to publish or feature it. One prime example is the Kariton Classroom of Efren Penaflorida who only got attention when he was chosen as the CNN Hero of the Year in 2009. Fortunately for Penaflorida, his friends decided to upload a video of his initiative on YouTube which got the attention of people from CNN. This recognition enabled Penaflorida’s group to receive more resources and donations that is now allowing them to help more children in Cavite.


Our country is a nation of heroes that is why I am sure that there are a lot more exciting and worthwhile initiatives that are happening in our own communities thus, it would be good if we can blog or write about these initiatives so that we can continue to inspire more Filipinos to do their own small share in making a difference by sharing their time and talents.


Just like the Kariton Classroom, the community projects that we start need not immediately make a great impact but if we are able to create several hundreds or even thousands of these initiatives all over the country then it will only be a matter of time before we are able to make a big dent in our nation’s fight against illiteracy and poverty.


Comments are welcome at

1st Jesse Robredo Youth Leadership Camp

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Job Opening at AHON Foundation – Program Officer for Library Development

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AHON (Acts of Hope for the Nation) Foundation,
the corporate social responsibility initiative of Filway Marketing, Inc., is a non-stock, non-profit organization with a mission of promoting quality basic education by developing public elementary school libraries all over the Philippines.
We are currently looking for a full-time Program Officer whose main functions will be to assist the Executive Director in implementing projects relating to our  library development projects & training of public school librarians
These activities will include identifying beneficiary public schools, monitoring library build & development activities, evaluating the use of our adopted libraries and coordinating with our partner organizations for teacher training programs to help the organization achieve its primary mission of bringing more quality books and Filipino children together, as we contribute to a better culture of reading and learning in our country.
Minimum Requirements for the position are as follows:
a.) Graduate of a reputable college or university;  fresh graduates may apply (majors in business, economics, social studies, marketing, communications, IT-related courses, development studies, psychology, library science, preferred)
b.) Must have excellent oral and written communication skills in English and Filipino; & good interpersonal skills
c.) Must be proficient in basic computer skills (documents, spreadsheets, presentations/publication tools) & some background experience in managing blogs, websites, etc.
d) Must be organized, efficient and systematic in maintaining project documentation materials/files and correspondence
e.) Must be flexible and willing to travel
f.) Must be able to work with minimal supervision while producing quality and timely results
g) Must be willing to learn, be creative & analytical, and open to new ideas
h) Must possess the belief, conviction or commitment in working towards positive changes in our Philippine public school educational system
Interested applicants may send their application letter and latest resume with picture to on or before November 20,2012

For more information about AHON Foundation, please visit

Learn about Social Entrepreneurship! Join our 9th SE and Good Governance Training Program

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Bawal Magreklamo ang hindi Bumoto!

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Ayaw natin sa mga Epal at Political Dynasty diba?

Ito na ang pagkakataon natin na maalis sila sa kapangyarihan sa pamamagitan ng ating pagboto ng mas mahusay at matinong kandidato sa nalalapit na halalan.

Pero, hindi tayo makakaboto kung hindi tayo magrerehistro!

Magparehistro na sa inyong local COMELEC office! Deadline na sa Oktubre 31!