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Kaya Natin! Statement of Support for Rep. Kaka Bag-ao

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Official Kaya Natin! Movement for Good Governance and Ethical Leadership Statement of support to Rep. Kaka J. Bag-ao

The Kaya Natin! Movement for Good Governance and Ethical Leadership strongly supports our Kaya Natin! Champion, Rep. Kaka Bag-ao’s appointment as the official caretaker of Lone District of Dinagat Islands.

We believe that Speaker Feliciano Belmonte, Jr. made the right decision in appointing her as the caretaker of the said district given that she grew up in this district and would therefore be in the right position to understand the real needs of her constituency.

Moreover, Rep. Bag-ao has always been known to be an advocate of the rights of the marginalized as evidenced by her active involvement as one of the lead lawyers for the Sumilao farmers fight for their land. Aside from this, Rep. Bag-ao has also proven to be a Champion of Transparency and Public Accountability as evidenced by her continued strong support for the immediate passage of the Freedom of Information (FOI) Bill that is currently being debated upon in our Congress.

Instead of criticizing her being appointed as caretaker, we should be thankful that apart from her duties as AKBAYAN’s duly elected representative, she has also accepted the challenge of ensuring that basic services are delivered efficiently and effectively without any tinge of graft and corruption to the people of Dinagat Islands.

As one of the poorest provinces in our country and having been neglected by its former Representative, the Dinagat Islands actually deserve more support than the more than P 100 Million that has already been channeled through the initiative of Rep. Bag-ao.

We believe that instead of tainting this issue with politics, we should instead appreciate the fact that because of Rep. Bag-ao’s assignment as caretaker of the district, more Filipino children will now be able to study, access to potable drinking water will now be provided to more barangays, the development of farm to market roads will provide our farmers with higher income and more indigent patients will now be able to access quality healthcare. 

Again, we strongly vouch for the credibility and integrity of our Kaya Natin! Champion, Rep. Kaka Bag-ao. We believe that the people of the Dinagat Islands will be well served with her as their caretaker.

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The Kaya Natin! Champions – Effective and Empowering Leadership with Intergrity

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Give the gift of Good Governance and Inspiration this Christmas! 

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